Purchase Term Condition


1. The above material should reach the Consignee address

2 . Delivery should be accompanied by two copies of the invoice/bill.

3 . Payment will be as per our mutual Agreement from the date of submission of bill.

4 . Attach a copy of the purchase order with the invoice at the time of delivery.

5 . Please generate tax invoice as per the registered name of the company.

6 . It is necessary to reconcile the invoices once first week of every month.

7 . Mention Purchase Order No., Date, Item Description, Item GST/SAC Code. in your Bills / Invoices. All Bills / Invoices should be in triplicate.

8 . Material will be received from 9:30am to 6"00pm only.

9 . Each consignment should be accompanied by your Inspection

10 . Final inspection is to be done by us on our works and as per the stipulated conditions of the PO.

11 . PO is subject to the Terms and Conditions. No other terms and conditions shall apply unless agreed to by us.

12 . If supplier do not revert back within 3 days from the date of receipt of PO, It will be automatically considered as an official Purchase order acceptance from supplier side

13 . Our company reserves the right without dispute by the supplier to cancel and terminate this PO or to reduce the quantity or change the delivery schedule.

14 . Supplier must comply with our company's quality, short supply and environmental health and safety guidelines in force from time to time.

15 . Documents complete in all respect with the Transporter copy of Tax Invoice, where applicable must be forwarded to TSG by the Vendor. In case of no receipt of Tax Invoice, it will be the sole responsibility of the Vendor enabling the Company to claim GST, failing which the duty amount so involved will be deducted from the Vendor's bill. The Vendor shall communicate to the Company of the dispatch details well in time.

16 . In case of damage, broken products / cases, short supply case, the Vendor shall be solely liable to replace the damage/broken Products or complete the short fall of the Products as soon as possible basis but not exceeding 05 days.

17 . The Vendor agrees and acknowledges is the essence of this Purchase Order and strict adherence to the delivery schedule, quantity and quality is absolutely essential.

18 . TSG reserves the right to treat Cancelled purchase order in the event of non-compliance with the agreed delivery schedule, quantity and quality and product s by the supplier.

19 . Vendor shall upload details of all the invoices issued during the month in the return format GSTR-01 timely.

20 . Vendors shall ensure timely payment of taxes, in case of delay in payment of taxes leading to disallowance of ITC of GST paid. Amount of taxes along with interest and penalty, if any, would be the sole responsibility of supplier, which shall be recovered along with incidental expenses if any.

21 . The contractor shall nominate a nodal security person, who shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating security activities at his site. Security The coordinators will maintain close liaison with TSG on daily basis. The security coordinator can be a contractor supervisor or any other person who Responsible for on-site job execution.

22 . It is strictly prohibited to enter the TSG site under the influence of alcohol/drugs or any other intoxicant.

23 . Mock fighting or fighting in plant or at the project site is strictly prohibited.

24 . Gambling in the plant or at the project site is strictly forbidden.

25 . No shelter is to be taken under the equipment / vehicle.

26 . Entering in the plant or at the project site while in possession of any weapons is strictly prohibited

27 . The contractor / vendor shall ensure compliance to all the Acts, Rules & Regulations pertaining to EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) as applicable from time to time and Labour Lows.

28 . The contractor shall ensure the ESI Coverage of all his workmen for payment of compensation & treatment, in case of any accident of Labour.

29 . The supervisor must ensure that the persons working under him are using all safety gadgets. The contractor shall provide all necessary personal protective equipment depending on the risk prevailing at their work site, such as safety helmet, safety shoes, safety goggles, ear muffs, dust mask, full body harness / safety belt, fall protection devices etc. and any other specialized PPE, as per the requirements of the job, to all.

30 . The contractor shall plan and execute work in such a way that all the necessary safety practices and procedures are followed so as to prevent accident / injury.

31 . The contractor shall ensure good housekeeping at the work place and ensure that the area is maintained neat and clean, tidy and in an orderly manner. The contractor will be responsible to clear the site by removing all the debris / scrap on daily bases / after completion of the work.

32 . In addition to the safety induction, the contractor shall arrange to impart safety training to his staff and supervisors.